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Integral Eye Movement Therapy IEMT is a great change technology that is really effective for working with people who are wanting to change their feelings or states of being. Founded by Andy T Austin, IEMT is one fo the most powerful change techniques of the 21st Century

Alan Johnson trains IEMT and NLP anywhere, but especially in the NE & NW of England

IEMT Practitioner Training (2 days)

North East England

October 8th-9th 2016

Holiday Inn Near Darlington

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About Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson

Trainer of IEMT and NLP

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Alan is an insightful, safe and knowledgeable teacher and facilitator. He has a direct yet understanding approach which helps get quickly to the point and resolve any issues or "stuckness".

Debbie Banks- November 2013

North West England

2nd- 3rd April 2016

Sanctuary, Langho


“Just wanted to give you a quick update on my IEMT. I have used it almost daily with different children since learning it. One little girl had witnessed her father assaulting her mother the night before, I finger waggled her and she said her brain was tickling and she burst out laughing - this from crying her heart out not more than 30 seconds ago! She says every time she sees me her brain tickles and makes her laugh!

A year five boy who is always in trouble for fighting, is almost always upset and very quiet, so after last fight I let him calm down and then I finger waggled him, in two years I have never seen this little boy smile...he just looked at me and said "huh? What was that?"

He hasn't had a fight in two days!”                                             

U.R., Primary School Learning Mentor

“Absolute magic Alan. I'm to wait and observe the ongoing effect but the technique brought a 3yr life obstructing problem from a 10 to a 1 immediately. Sooooo good!!! The things and optimism she flowed with as a result of the freeing up were marvellous. If she manages to take this forward with even 20% of the momentum she gained then it is a gift! I expect it will be higher. Definitely recommending a few people to the march course. Thanks doesnt cover it. Please be damn proud and pleased with the amazing results your sharing achieves!”                                             

JM- Therapist

New- Advanced IEMT Practitioner

Scotland 11th-12th April

North-East England 23rd-24th April

North-West England TBC

2 days of further exploration of Kinaesthetic and Identity patterns

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9th-10th April 2016

Edintrain Edinburgh